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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1997.IntSymLiqTwoPhaseFlowTranspPhenCHT.370
page 8

T. A. M. Versteegh
J.M. Burgers Centre, Delft University of Technology, Rotterdamseweg 145, 2628 AL Delft, The Netherlands

F. T. M. Nieuwstadt
Delft University of Technology Lab. for Aero- and Hydrodynamics Rotterdamseweg 145, 2628 AL Delft, the Netherlands


A Direct Numerical Simulation of natural convection flow in an infinite, differentially heated, vertical channel has been performed at four Rayleigh numbers varying from 5.4 × 105 to 5.0 × 106 for Pr = 0.709. The attention will be focused on the turbulent Reynolds-stresses and their budgets. We will interpret the budgets in terms of the physical processes that determine this flow. In addition, we have calculated the stresses and budgets based on the structures found from linear stability analysis of the laminar solution of this problem. Last mentioned budgets will be compared with the budgets for fully developed turbulent flow, in order to estimate the influence of the large scale coherent structures on the budgets.

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