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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1992.IntForumExpSysCompSimEE.350
pages 9.4.1-9.4.6

Dragutin Lj. Debeljkovic
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; University of Belgrade, Department of Automatic Control, Z7. marta 80, 11000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Nebojsa N. Milojevic
Faculty of Agriculture; University of Belgrade, Department of Agriculture Mechanization, Nemanjina 6, Zemin 11CS0, Yugoslavia


The three-dimensional transient behavior of the gas temperature in the closed room space is investigated.
The differential-discrete mathematical modeling is performed to write the general balance equations in a suitable form for further numerical treatment in order to determine the transient distribution of temperature in all representative points of available space.
Under the well-documented assumption of the linear dependence between the room temperature changes and gas flow velocity, the general solutions are obtained by integrating non-stationary balance equations, for arbitrary initial and inlet conditions.
Specializing the entrance and wall temperatures and other relevant parameters, under the constant initial conditions, the step transient responses have been simulated and presented in the graphic form for the cells of particular interest and in order to compare these results with experimental data collected from the real process.
All details concerning experimental investigation are carefully presented and disscused.
The proposed model is not only very useful for design purposes, but also for transient analysis and control system design.

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