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Experimental Study of the Sublimation of Pure Ice under Very Low Temperature and Relative Humidity Conditions

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1986.IntSympHMTinRefCryo.220
pages 303-308

M. Sakly
Laboratoire d'Aérothermique du CNRS, Meudon, France

Jaime Aguirre-Puente
Laboratoire d'Aérothermique du C.N.R.S., F92190, Meudon, France

G. Lambrinos
National Institute of Agronomy, Athens, Greece


One important aspect of the energy supplying is that of the big volume reserves of mineral gases. A particular technique consists to store liquefied gases in underground cavities under atmospheric pressure, and consequently, at very low temperatures. Propane, ethylene and natural gas are examples of gases being able to be stored respectively at −45°C, −105°C and −162°C. Economy, safety, ecological protection and small ground space required are some of the numerous advantages of this technique.

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