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Heat Transfer through Different Types of Insulation of Superconducting Cable of UNK Model Magnets

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1986.IntSympHMTinRefCryo.380
pages 558-566

Yu. P. Dmitrevsky
Institute for High Energy Physics, Serpukhov, USSR

S. S. Kozub
Institute for High Energy Physics, Serpukhov, USSR


In UNK magnets of IHEP[1], as in pulsed superconducting ones, heat releases in the coil should be removed by a coolant (helium) from a limited area of the current carrying element through an electric insulation having a high heat resistance. This situation is getting more complicated in the UNK magnets because a high intensity of an accelerated beam may cause local radiation losses making the superconducting coil heat. In this case, radiation heat releases in some magnets may exceed hysteresis and eddy losses in the current carrying element. To ensure a reliable operation of magnets under these conditions, this element should have a certain reserve in the critical current as compared to the operating one. The validity of the choice of such a reserve rests upon both the feasibility to estimate heat releases in the coil and the amount of the knowledge on heat transfer from the coil into helium which, in its turn, is determined by the thermal insulation resistance. To determine the efficiency of heat transfer through the insulation a special technique has been developed and applied to test steady-state heat transfer into free boiling helium from the coil surface. In these tests, the samples of magnets heaving the design as close as possible to actual ones and different types of insulation have been used.

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