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DOI: 10.1615/IHTC13.p22.410
page 12

A. Pashayev
Azerbaijan National Academy of Aviation, Baku, Azerbaijan

D. Askerov
Azerbaijan National Academy of Aviation, Baku, Azerbaijan

R. Sadiqov
Azerbaijan National Academy of Aviation, Baku, Azerbaijan

A. Samedov
Azerbaijan National Academy of Aviation, Baku, Azerbaijan


At present stage heat protection of high-temperature gas turbine blades is mainly provided at the expense of efficient cooling systems development. The task of turbine cascades streamlining comes to boundary integral equation (BIE) Fredholm II with a peculiarity. Stationary and quasistationary temperature fields of blades are calculated with application of new mathematical models represented in BIE in multi connected fields of complex configuration. For solving proper equations discrete operators have been investigated, converging quadrature and cubature processes have been developed and values in terms of A. Zigmound′s modules of continuity have been received. Approximate BIE solutions are mathematically proved by appropriate theorems and lemmas. Methods of turbine profile approximation have been developed (method of least square with automatic joint, smoothing splines, smooth replenishment and neural nets have been used).The reliability of the methods was proved by experimental investigations of blades heat and hydraulic characteristics in "Turbine construction" laboratory (St.Petersburg, Russia). Geometric model, equivalent hydraulic schemes of cooling tracks have been obtained, cooler parameters and temperature field of "Turbomachinery Plant" enterprise gas turbine nozzle blade of the first stage have been determined (Yekaterinburg, Russia). Methods have demonstrated high efficiency at repeated and polivariant calculations, on the basis of which the way of blade cooling system modernization has been offered.

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