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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.390
14 pages

Marc-Paul Errera
Département Simulation Numérique des Écoulements et Aéroacoustique (DSNA) ONERA, 29 Avenue de la Division Leclerc 92322 Châtillon Cedex, France

Gilles Chaineray
Département Simulation Numérique des Écoulements et Aéroacoustique (DSNA) ONERA, 29 Avenue de la Division Leclerc 92322 Châtillon Cedex, France


This paper deals with the development of a numerical coupling procedure to study the transient temperature field in a solid via a conjugate heat transfer method. The basic approach is based on the loose coupling of a finite-volume Navier-Stokes solver and a finite-element heat conduction solver, a coupling library being in charge of transferring information from one code to another. In this approach, a dynamic thermal modelling in the solid is coupled with a sequence of steady states in the fluid. The method has been applied to the problem of convective heat transfer over and transient conduction heat transfer within a flat plate using severe thermal initial conditions. The results show that the procedure can predict accurate transient temperature field at a reasonable computational cost.

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