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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.170
13 pages

Gilles Fraisse
LOCIE, UMR 5271, Université Savoie Mont Blanc, 73376 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex, France

Bernard Souyri
Laboratoire Optimisation de la Conception et Ingénierie de l'Environnement Polytech'Savoie, 73376 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex, France

Raphael Boichot
CTBA, Bordeaux, France

Jean-Luc Kouyoumji
CTBA, Bordeaux, France


This study investigated the feasibility of a process to improve summer comfort in wood-frame houses using a ventilated internal double wall (VIDW) with high thermal inertia. This process increased the house's thermal inertia and actively evacuated accumulated heat during the night with a mechanical ventilation system. Numerous studies on night ventilation have been conducted, but active ventilation between a double wall with high thermal inertia has not been adequately investigated.
This paper presents a detailed study of flows in forced convection inside the VIDW. The study attempted to evaluate whether the heat transfer between walls and air was improved by adding baffles or obstacles connected to the wall. Simple 2D CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations were first validated with a case for which an analytical solution was known. This made it possible to roughly evaluate the size of mesh for which the solution became mesh-independent. The effect of semi-cylindrical baffles was then studied. Numerical simulations showed that the global convective heat transfer coefficient can be improved by 32% compared to the smooth air gap, with a reasonable pressure drop inside the VIDW. Finally, a case of 3D CFD was modeled to completely simulate the VIDW with the optimal parameters found for baffles.

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