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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.910
18 pages

Fatmir Asllanaj
LEMTA-INPL, Université de Lorraine

Laetitia Soudre
LEMTA, Nancy-Université, CNRS, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques; and LSGS, Nancy-Université, CNRS, EEIGM, Nancy, France

Yves Meshaka
LSGS, Nancy-Université, CNRS, EEIGM, 6 rue Bastien Lepage F-54000 Nancy, France


This paper is devoted to the simulation of transient heat transfer by radiation and conduction in gray and non-gray absorbing - emitting media. Different kinds of boundaries, black, opaque and semi-transparent, are considered. The radiative transfer equation (RTE) is solved by using the RAD2D code developed by our group. This code uses a new Finite Volume Method (FVM) based on a cell vertex scheme and combined with a modified exponential scheme where temperature is approximated by linear interpolation using nodal values. The code can be applied in two-dimensional complex-shaped domains using unstructured triangular meshes. The PHAML (Parallel Hierarchical Adaptive MultiLevel) code is used to solve the energy balance equation using low or high order finite elements. The TRC2D code results from the coupling of the RAD2D and PHAML codes. The TRC2D code is validated with some benchmark cases including steady and transient states and applied to square and cylindrical geometries. The influence of boundary emissivity on transient temperature field and heat fluxes in a gray medium is discussed. An application to the transient heating in a high-temperature medium made of molten glass, with dimensions H=1m, L=2m is described. The results demonstrate the efficiency of the numerical tool.

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