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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.650
6 pages

Rashad Aouf
School of Computing and Mathematics, The University of Western Sydney,

Vojislav Ilic
School of Engineering, The University of Western Sydney, Australia 1797

Steve Hansen
School of Computing and Mathematics, The University of Western Sydney, Australia 1797


Major challenge that faces tumour treatment procedures, including hyperthermia, is the inadequate understanding of the bio-heat transfer process. Concerning this issue, an accurate bio-heat transfer modelling has to precisely quantify the temperature distribution within a complex geometry of a tumour tissue, in order to optimize unwanted side effects for patients. In this study, a gel formation process in a polymeric fluid is used to generate a thermodynamic measurable quantity of a micro-scale analysis, to be applied in medical field for treatment of macro-scale tumours. This paper outlines a research that incorporate molecular dynamics (MDs) simulation of a model system in the hope of contributing to the understanding of the propagation of thermal waves in fluids causing phase change front, i.e. irreversible gel. This method emphasizes on statistical methods that relate fluids properties to the behaviour of its individual particles. From information obtained in this way, it is intended to establish a useful benchmark for application to larger scale phenomena, i.e. heat transfer equations with a conductivity that depends very strongly on temperature and makes them strongly nonlinear. Subsequently, this examines assemblies of particles and analyses the microscopic simulation of particles crossing a barrier forming permeant bonds. The dynamics of the fluid is also being studied under the influence of a temperature gradients using thermostat where particles are tied by springs to the lattice to avoid melting.

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