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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.2420
17 pages

Abdelhamid Bounif
Laboratoire de Carburants Gazeux et Environnement, USTO, Oran, Algérie

Habib Merouane
Laboratoire de Carburants Gazeux et Environnement, USTO, Oran, Algérie

Iskendar Gokalp
CNRS ICARE 1C, Avenue de la Recherche Scientifique, 45072 Orleans Cedex 2 France


This work presents a theoretical study of the vaporization of liquid fuel droplets (n-alkanes) in the air under stagnant conditions (ambient pressure and temperature, then at variable environment temperatures). Moreover the vaporization of a turbulent flow has also been studied. The results show that liquid fuel droplets which have the lowest molar mass vaporize quickly. Vaporization rate becomes more significant when environment temperature increases. This is confirmed by the experimental results of Birouk (1996). Average and instantaneous vaporization rates have been estimated from D2 law at temperatures varying from 473 to 1024 K and at atmospheric pressure. Finally, experimental results obtained with n-alkanes droplets (from n-pentane to n-pentane) and those obtained from predictions based on the quasi-steady theory and simulation using simple finite-volume techniques, are presented, then a comparative discussion is carried out.

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