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Ireneusz Szczygiel
Institute of Thermal Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Konarskiego 22,44-100 Gliwice, Poland


The paper deals with the sensitivity studies of the temperature-velocity coupling of the convective heat transfer problems with the laminar fluid flow. Sensitivity coefficients contain the information about the chances of successful inverse procedure, as well as they can be used in a number of inverse schemes i.e. the Levenberg-Marquardt method. Special emphasis is given in this paper to the numerical solution of the direct problem, which was obtained by the Control Volume FEM formulation. This numerical tool was used for the Sensitivity Coefficients evaluation and can be used for the simulations of the real measurements in the full inverse algorithm. Such a numerical solution was validated by comparing the results obtained here with the results obtained from the commercial software MSC Patran and Fluent. The algorithm of the sensitivity coefficients evaluation and the exemplary distributions of the sensitivity coefficients are given. The proposition of full inverse procedure, allowing determination of inflow velocity based on the internal temperature measurements is also included. The inverse method employs the Levenberg-Marquardt method for the stabilization purposes.

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