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V. Balakin
NIKA Software, 4 Volokolamskoye Shosse, 125993 Moscow, Russia

A. G. Churbanov
NIKA Software; and Institute for Mathematical Modeling, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

V. Gavriliouk
NIKA Software, 4 Volokolamskoye Shosse, 125993 Moscow, Russia

M. Makarov
NIKA Software, 4 Volokolamskoye Shosse, 125993 Moscow, Russia

A. Pavlov
NIKA Software, 4 Volokolamskoye Shosse, 125993 Moscow, Russia


Results of verification and validation of commercial code EFD.Lab are presented in this paper. Two classes of tests - so-called fundamental as well as applied industrial - are considered for heat and fluid flow phenomena. A flow over a circular cylinder with internal heating and buoyancy-driven flow in a square cavity have been predicted among fundamental tests in a wide range of governing parameters. Another examples that demonstrate accuracy and efficiency of EFD.Lab to solve applied problems of practical interest are concerned with electronic cooling. Pin-fin and plain configurations of heat sinks have been predicted in the free and forced convection regimes, respectively, taking into account radiation effects. Grid convergence studies have been performed during validation predictions. A good agreement has been obtained between numerical and experimental data in all predicted tests in a wide range of computational grids.

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