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Hyun Jung Kim
Dept. of Mathematics, Hoseo University, Asan, Korea 336-795

Ji Hwan Jeong
School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University, Jangjeon-Dong, Geumjeong-Gu, Busan 609-735, Republic of Korea


The previous experimental measurements showed that the CHF values are increased when ultrasonic vibration is applied to water pool. The increase rate in CHF values varied depending on inclination angle of heated surface with the maximum when horizontal downward facing. The experimental conditions inside the water pool with and without ultrasonic vibration were numerically analysed using FLUENT. The results show that the standard deviation of temperature distribution in the pool is reduced when ultrasonic vibration is applied to the pool. Also it shows that the reduction rate of it is the largest when the heated surface is downward facing and decreases as the inclination angle of heated surfaces increases. This trend coincides with the trend of CHF increase rate. Based on these outcomes, it can be said that an ultrasonic vibration enhances fluid mixing and thus lowers liquid temperature adjacent to heater surface, and finally enhances heat transfer.

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