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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2012.CHT-12.780
pages 1293-1313

Karim Lahmer
Laboratory of Applied Energy and Pollution, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Mentouri - Constantine, 25000, ALGERIA

Rachid Bessaih
L.E.A.P, Dept. Genie Mecanique, Universite Mentouri de Constantine, Route d'Ain El Bey, 25000 Constantine, Algeria


In this paper we determine the effects of some parameters like Grashof number (Gr), the distance (S) between the heat sources and the outlet distance (Le). The purpose is an optimal management of the heat flux by laminar free convection in a vertical open 2D domain, containing two heated electronic components. The results show that a regular and uniform heat sources distribution in the inlet is very important in order to take advantage from the starting boundary layer. The impact of parameters on the heat dissipation, characterized by the Nusselt number, has a different importance. For a Prandtl number Pr = 0.71, the (Gr) increases the heat exchange that is reflected by a growing Nusselt number, and also participates to the formation of recirculation zones. The total Nusselt number Nu is increased when (Gr) is multiplied by 102. With regards to the distance (S) between the heat sources, the results show that Nu increases about 7% if the distance (S) doubles, and becomes approximately 17.8% when (S) quadruples. At the end, the heat transfer increases when increasing the distance (Le) of the channel exit length, mainly on the second component. The Total Nusselt number increases by 1.6% when (Le) increases by about 67%.

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