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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2012.CHT-12.450
pages 721-731

Michael R. Maixner
Department of Engineering Mechanics, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado, USA; Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, ME 04420, USA

Michael O'Donnell
Department of Engineering Mechanics, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado, USA

Timothy Smith
Department of Engineering Mechanics, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado, USA


Isobaric and isometric test procedures are typically used in lieu of more conventional hydrostatic tests on buried airport fuel hydrant systems; using currently installed equipment, the isometric test is implemented in a spreadsheet-style application, designed for ease-of-use by operating and maintenance personnel on-site who may not have a knowledge of fluid flow, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. Visual Basic for ApplicationTM (VBA) program execution is initiated through buttons provided on data worksheets. Final analysis results in a recommendation that the test may be considered satisfactory (i.e., the likelihood of a leak is small), or that a leak (or leaks) exist(s) with an estimate of the magnitude of the leak. Model design was conducted using the REFPROP program from the National Institute of Standards; REFPROP calculations were validated using a simple one-dimensional COMSOL heat transfer simulation. On-site testing and validation of the leak testing program will be performed during summer 2012.

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