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3.7 Prediction of Subchannel Two-Phase Flow in Two Interconnected Channels

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1982.AdvCourHeatTransfNucReactSaf.330
pages 557-569

S. Y. Ahmad
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, Ontario, Canada KOJ 1JO

A. M. M. Aly
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, Ontario, Canada KOJ 1JO

A. Tapucu
Institut de Génie Nucléaire, Ecole Polytechnique, Montréal, P.Q., Canada H3C 3A7


SAGA-II (Subchannel Analysis Including Gravitational Aspects) is a computer program specifically designed for two interconnecting subchannels in order to examine a new subchannel analysis approach and numerical solution algorithm. In this paper the prediction of SAGA-II is compared with experimental data of various investigators. The mathematical model consists of conservation equations of mass, axial momentum, energy and crossflow momentum equation for the two-phase mixture; in addition, a vapour phase continuity equation and a drift flux model are used to account for void drift between subchannels. The results show that the analytical model is able to correctly predict the trends for void drift and mass flux distribution in symmetrical vertical channels; however, for unsymmetrical vertical channels and horizontal channels the drift flux model needs to be defined more rigorously for. accurate void distribution predictions. Further work is in progress to define a physical model for transverse drift of void, and extend the present technique to multichannel assemblies such as those encountered in nuclear fuel channel designs.

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