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Determination of Flow Induced Nonlinear Vibrations of Prestressed Heat Exchanger Tubes

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1981.AdvCourseHeatExch.250
pages 339-353

M. Wahle
Institut für Leichtbau, RWTH Aachen, Postfach, 5100 Aachen, Germany


A step-by-step solution technique is presented for the evaluation of the nonlinear dynamic response of prestressed heat exchanger tubes. The computer-program requires the flow induced forces as input. Any kind of forces may be given. If only spectral information of the forces is available it is possible to generate time functions of the forces with a simulation procedure. The method calculates rms- and maximum-values of the response and determines probability distributions of the deflections and stresses of the tubes. It was shown that the procedure works quite well. Also in the case of random time dependent forces the calculations agree in an adequate manner with theoretical results in the linear and the nonlinear case.

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