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Heat Exchangers with Phase Change

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1981.AdvCourseHeatExch.20
pages 3-18

Kenneth J. Bell
School of Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078, U.S.A.


After a brief survey of a few important general considerations of heat exchanger design, economics, and operation for the power and process industries, this paper addresses certain key problems in the design of vapor generators and condensers. Among the topics considered under Vapor Generators are the problems of vaporization with low temperature differences between surface and fluid, kettle reboiler bundle hydraulics, and vaporization of multicomponent mixtures. Under Condensers the topics covered include the problem of two-dimensional and three-dimensional flow calculations for large condensers, condensation in the presence of vapor shear, enhanced surfaces, design of condensers for multicomponent vapor-gas mixtures, reflux condensers, and direct contact condensers. These problems are all judged to be of industrial importance as well as providing suitable topics for research work at universities and research institutions.

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