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Status of Fluidized Bed Waste Heat Recovery

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1981.AdvCourseHeatExch.360
pages 549-568

M. I. Rudnicki
Aerojet Energy Conversion Company, Sacramento, California, USA

C. S. Mah
Aerojet Energy Conversion Company, Sacramento, California, USA

H. W. Williams
Aerojet Energy Conversion Company, Sacramento, California, USA


Fluidized bed waste heat recovery is developing rapidly as an advancement in heat exchange. Recent years have seen a substantial acceleration in research, development, and industrial applications of fluidized bed technology. The work spread from Great Britain and the U.S.A. to Japan and the rest of Europe.
The paper describes the general understanding of fluidized bed characteristics, performance, problems, and it explains how the knowledge is rapidly evolving. Status of research, development, demonstrations, and field-operations is covered.
Advanced equipment installations in the United States, Great Britain and in Japan are described. This work will substantially advance the state of the art in heat transfer co-efficients, self-cleaning, pollution control, and other features of fluidized bed technology.

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