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2.14 Drop Collisions with Liquid Flowing Films on Simulated LWR Control Rod Guide Tubes

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1982.AdvCourHeatTransfNucReactSaf.260
483 pages

D. R. Alexander
Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588, USA

Frederick A. Rockenbach
Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc. Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544, USA


This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation of free-falling water drops 4 mm in diameter at terminal velocity in air interacting with a very thin liquid water film flowing over a four-inch (0.1 m) in diameter stainless steel cylinder (simulates a "wetted" control rod guide tube in the upper plenum of a LWR). In this experiment, the gravity field was aligned with the impact angle. The splash events were recorded by using high speed color cinematography. The drop Weber number, drop Reynolds number, and film Froude number for this experiment are approximately 5.2 × 103, 4.3 × 104, and 50 respectively. Some of the more important results reported in this work are (1) unsymmetric splash phenomena, (2) observation of a very fine and high velocity mist (∼3 times original drop velocity) produced in an unsymmetric skewed direction at the initial stages of drop impact, (3) smooth transition of splash phenomena with increasing angle of impact around cylinder, and (4) absence of Rayleigh jets. Implication and significance of results to some practical problems are presented.

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