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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1995.RadTransfProcHeatMassTransfSevNuclReactAcc.260

V. Gustavsson
Vattenfall Energisystem AB, P. O. Box 528, S-16216 Stockholm, Sweden


In 1992-94 a PSA Level 2 Study was performed for the Ringhals 2 NPP- a three-loop W-PWR on the west coast of Sweden.
This paper gives an overview of the study with emphasis on phenomena and their importance for processes resulting in activity releases.
The following phenomena were included as possible causes of activity releases from the containment:

    - Hydrogen Deflagration/etonation
    - Direct Containment Heating
    - In-vessel and Ex-vessel Steam Explosions
    - Global Vessel Failure
    - Thermal Attack of Penetrations
    - Basemat Failure due to Core Concrete Interaction
The largest contribution to rapid overpressurization of the containment is derived from hydrogen deflagration.
The Level 2 Study also includes a sensitivity analysis where the impact on the results from uncertainties in the phenomena are estimated. This is shortly described in this paper together with the effect of human errors.
Finally the results of the study are summarized and discussed.

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