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International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research
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ISSN Print: 2152-5102
ISSN Online: 2152-5110

International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research

Buy Issue $750.00 Volume 27, 2000 Issue 2-4

DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4

Table of Contents:

Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer Modeling in a Flat Channel with Regular Highly Rough Walls
V. S. Travkin, Ivan Catton
pages 159-199
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.10
Modified Reattaching Shear Layer Using a Stationary Cylinder
Bassam A/K Abu-Hijleh
pages 200-212
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.20
Solidification with a Quasiequilibrium Mushy Zone: Exact Analytical Solution
Dmitri V. Alexandrov
pages 213-222
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.30
Incipience of a Mushy Zone in Binary Melt Solidification Processes: General Theory
Dmitri V. Alexandrov
pages 223-238
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.40
Linear Analysis of Dynamic Instability of Solidification with a Quasiequilibrium Mushy Zone
Dmitri V. Alexandrov
pages 239-247
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.50
Unsteady Flow in Nonlinear Fractured Reservoirs
Yu. A. Buyevich, V. S. Nustrov, S. A. Plochoi, V. V. Podoplelov
pages 248-269
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.60
A New Problem of Filtration Flows in Naturally Fractured Porous Reservoirs
V. S. Nustrov, V. V. Podoplelov
pages 270-288
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.70
Dynamic Properties of Non-Dilute Magnetic Fluids
A. Yu. Zubarev, A. V. Yushkov
pages 289-305
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.80
Pseudopotential Study of Liquid Na-Cs and K-Cs Alloys
N. E. Dubinin, T. V. Trefilova, A. A. Yuryev, N. A. Vatolyn
pages 306-311
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.90
A Mathematical Model of Surface-Reaction Diffusion
Yu. A. Elfimov, A. O. Ivanov
pages 312-319
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.100
Computing Rotational Relaxation on the Basis of Three-Dimensional Equations of Molecule Motion
A. I. Yerofeyev
pages 320-330
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.110
Numerical Analysis of Multiphase Mixing - Comparison of First and Second Order Accurate Schemes
M. Leskovar, Jure Marn, Borut Mavko
pages 331-362
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.120
Application of a New Turbulence Theory to Compressible 2-D Planar Flow through Small Gaps with Heat Transfer
R. A. Morstadt
pages 363-385
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.130
Boundary Layer Flow of a Fluid-Particle Suspension Past a Flat Plate in the Presence of a Magnetic Field
Ali J. Chamkha, John Peddieson
pages 403-418
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.150
Outflow Boundary Conditions for the Computational Analysis of Jet Noise
James N. Scott, R. R. Mankbadi, M. E. Hayder, S. I. Hariharan
pages 419-432
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.160
Gas Release Effect on Transient Homogeneous Bubbly Flow Parameters
Mohand Kessal
pages 433-446
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.170
Analytical Solutions for Hydromagnetic Free Convection of a Participate Suspension from an Inclined Plate with Heat Absorption
H. M. Ramadan, Ali J. Chamkha
pages 447-467
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.180
Transient Forced Convection due to a Positive Step Change on Thermal Wall Conditions
Mourad Rebay, Jacques Padet
pages 468-480
DOI: 10.1615/InterJFluidMechRes.v27.i2-4.190