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International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
IF: 1.211 5-Year IF: 1.394

ISSN Print: 1521-9437
ISSN Online: 1940-4344

International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms

Buy Issue $127.00 Volume 17, 2015 Issue 9

DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v17.i9

Table of Contents:

Antiviral Activity of a Cloned Peptide RC28 Isolated from the Higher Basidiomycetes Mushroom Rozites caperata in a Mouse Model of HSV-1 Keratitis
Naihong Yan, Fen He, Frank F. Piraino, Haotian Xiang, Jun Chen, Yun Wang, Xuyang Liu
pages 819-828
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v17.i9.20
Protective Efficacy of the Caterpillar Mushroom, Ophiocordyceps sinensis (Ascomycetes), from India in Neuronal Hippocampal Cells against Hypoxia
Mamta Pal, Anuja Bhardwaj, Manimaran Manickam, Rajkumar Tulsawani, Mousami Srivastava, Ragumani Sugadev, Kshipra Misra
pages 829-840
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v17.i9.30
Molecular Markers to Detect the Formation of Heterokaryon and Homokaryon from Asexual Spores of the Caterpillar Medicinal Mushroom, Cordyceps militaris (Ascomycetes)
Hong Wang, Tao Cai, Jing Wei, Aiping Feng, Nan Lin, Da-Peng Bao
pages 841-846
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v17.i9.40
In Vivo Iron-Chelating Activity and Phenolic Profiles of the Angel's Wings Mushroom, Pleurotus porrigens (Higher Basidiomycetes)
Masoumeh Khalili, Mohammad Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Mehrnoush Kosaryan
pages 847-856
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v17.i9.50
Structural Changes of Erythrocyte Surface Glycoconjugates after Treatment with Medicinal Mushrooms
Taras Y. Vitak, Solomon P. Wasser, Eviatar Nevo, Nataliya O. Sybirna
pages 867-878
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v17.i9.70
A Water-Ethanol Extract from the Willow Bracket Mushroom, Phellinus igniarius (Higher Basidiomycetes), Reduces Transient Cerebral Ischemia-Induced Neuronal Death
Jin Hee Kim, Bo Young Choi, Hyun Jung Kim, In Yeol Kim, Bo Eun Lee, Min Sohn, Hyoung Jin Park, Sang Won Suh
pages 879-889
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v17.i9.80
Antitumor and Immunomodulating Activities of Exopolysaccharide Produced by Big Cup Culinary- Medicinal Mushroom Clitocybe maxima (Higher Basidiomycetes) in Liquid Submerged Culture
Shu-Hui Hu, Peter Chi Keung Cheung, Raw-Pou Hung, Yu-Kuei Chen, Jinn-Chyi Wang, Sue-Joan Chang
pages 891-901
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v17.i9.90