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High Temperature Material Processes: An International Quarterly of High-Technology Plasma Processes
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ISSN Print: 1093-3611
ISSN Online: 1940-4360

High Temperature Material Processes: An International Quarterly of High-Technology Plasma Processes

DOI: 10.1615/HighTempMatProc.v1.i4.80
pages 493-509


Stephane Pellerin
GREMI, CNRS-Universite d'Orleans, BP 6759, 45067 Orleans Cedex 2, France LASEP, Universite d'Orleans - Antenne de Bourges, BP4043, 18028 Bourges, France
J. Koulidiati
Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie de l'Environnement, Université de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
O. Motret
GREMI, UMR 6606, Universite d'Orleans, B.P. 6759, 45067 Orleans Cedex 2, France
K. Musiol
Marian Smoluchowski Inst. of Physics, Jagellonian University, ul. Reymonta 4,30-459 Krakow, Poland
M. De Graaf
Laboratoire d'Aerothermique du CNRS 4ter Route des Gardes, 92190 Meudon, France
B. Pokrzywka
Mt.Suhora, Observatory of Cracow Pedagogical University, ul. Podchorazych 2, 30-084, Krakow, Poland
J. Chapelle
LASEP, Centre Universitaire de Bourges, Rue Gaston Berger, BP 4043, 18028 Bourges Cedex, France


Noisy and spectrally not well resolved molecular emission spectra were employed for evaluation of the rotational and vibration temperature in different plasma sources. This diagnostic method may be applied in a large temperature range. It is especially useful when the apparatus function of a recording system is unknown. The described method is based on a comparison of experimental data with a theoretically calculated spectrum. A numerical minimization procedure is started with the temperature value obtained from the Boltzmann plot or intensity ratio of two selected spectrum components. Examples are given with C2(d3Πg,ν'=0) → C2(a3Πu,ν"=0) Swan band at 516.611 nm, OH (А2Σ+,ν’=0)→ OH(X2Πν''=0) band at 306.357 nm, and CH(А2Δ-Х2Π) system around 431.5 nm.