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Hydrobiological Journal
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ISSN Print: 0018-8166
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Hydrobiological Journal

DOI: 10.1615/HydrobJ.v36.i5.10
15 pages

On the Phenotypic Structure of Dreissena polymorpha (Pall.) Populations

Ye. V. Gorpinchuk
Institute of Hydrobiology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine


Shells of Zebra mussels from populations of the Dnieper, Sasyk Lake (southern Ukraine) and Konin Lakes (Poland) were under study. The shape of shells, their general coloration, its hues (shades of color) and patterns were used as elementary characters in the search of quantitative phenes characteristic for a certain population. Combinations of these characters were described and analyzed using an original scheme with designations of characters in letters and figures. More than 80 phenotypes of pattern, sculpture and shape of shells were found.

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