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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences
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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences

DOI: 10.1615/J Automat Inf Scien.v37.i11.40
pages 29-39

Universal Mechanism of Abiogenous Synthesis of Organic Compounds in the Process of Super-High-Speed Impact on the Stage of Prebiotic Evolution

Georgiy G. Managadze
Institute of Space Research of Russian Acad-emy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


As a process, which preceded archebiosis, we propose new universal mechanism of prebiotic synthesis of organic compounds (OC) in plasma jet of super-high-speed (SHS) impact, which potentially provides also asymmetric generation of isomers. On the primitive Earth the mechanism can be realized in the process of hard bombardment of its surface by planetesimal independently of atmosphere content, in interstellar gas-dust clouds, i.e., in the process of SHS-collisions of dust particles and in both cases independently of temperature conditions. Experimentally we show high effectiveness of the suggested mechanism, potential of synthesis of complex OC for single act of influence. It was shown that for Earth conditions dust clouds, which appear in the process of crater generation, can provide protection of synthesised OC from destructive effect of radiation, as well as their transport for considerable distances from place of impact.

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