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Nanoscience and Technology: An International Journal
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ISSN Print: 2572-4258
ISSN Online: 2572-4266

Nanoscience and Technology: An International Journal

Formerly Known as Nanomechanics Science and Technology: An International Journal

DOI: 10.1615/NanoSciTechnolIntJ.2018029070
pages 79-87


Daria Andreeva
Aberystwyth University, Ceredigion SY23 3BZ, Wales, UK
Wiktoria Miszuris
Aberystwyth University, Ceredigion SY23 3BZ, Wales, UK
Gennady Mishuris
Institute of Mathematics and Physics Aberystwyth University, Ceredigion SY23 3BZ, Wales, UK
Victor A. Eremeyev
Gdansk University of Technology, 80-233 Gdansk, Poland


Within the linear Gurtin–Murdoch model of surface elasticity we consider the antiplane deformations in an elastic matrix with a rigid cylindrical fiber influenced by external force. The influence of the surface elastic moduli on the stress distribution and adhesion force is analyzed.


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