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Visualization of Mechanical Processes: An International Online Journal

ISSN Online: 2152-209X

Visualization of Mechanical Processes: An International Online Journal

DOI: 10.1615/VisMechProc.v1.i4.70


Takumi Murashita
Hirosaki University
Hiroyuki Torikai
Combustion Society of Japan
Akihiko Ito
Hirosaki University, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Bunkyo-cho, Hirosaki, Aomori, 036-8561 Japan


In order to clarify the process of flame extinguishment by an inert gas capsule, the bursting phenomena of the soap bubble, and the blowout phenomena of a methane–air laminar jet diffusion flame by a soap bubble capsule filled with nitrogen gas have been visualized using a laser sheet method. As a result, it is found that when the soap bubble bursts, two different kinds of nitrogen gas flow are formed. The first flow is generated by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the soap bubble. The second flow is generated by the liquid soap film dynamics in the soap bubble bursting. Moreover, it is seen that the maximum velocities of the first flow and the second flow depend linearly on the curvature of the soap bubble, and the value of the maximum velocity of the second flow is always about two and half times larger than that of the first flow. Combined, these two flows of nitrogen gas extinguish the laminar jet flame. The first flow extinguishes the flame base locally, and the second flow leads to blowout of the entire flame.