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International Heat Transfer Conference 13

ISBN Imprimer: 1-56700-226-9 (CD)
ISBN En ligne: 1-56700-225-0


DOI: 10.1615/IHTC13.p30.70
page 21

Petr Stehlik
Institute of Process and Environmental Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Technická 2, 616 69 Brno, Czech Republic


Heat recovery in thermal processing of waste and biomass plays an important role since it contributes to maximum utilization of energy contained in leaving flue gas. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account specific features of flue gas (and/or off-gas) as a process fluid. For an optimum design of heat exchangers as equipment and integrated items a sequence “process - heat recovery system - heat exchanger” has to be taken into consideration and specific features of processes respected. A combination of intuitive design, know how and sophisticated approach based on up-to-date computational tools is shown in the paper. After selecting a convenient process for the given type of waste treatment available energy for heat recovery is evaluated and a heat recovery system designed. Novel design of air pre-heaters, heat recovery steam generators and special heat exchangers (e.g. those for sludge pre-heating) is shown. This approach always respects primary importance of process itself, as well as analysis aimed at heat exchangers selection and design including specific features and fouling problems. Computational support covers the following areas: simulation based on energy and mass balance, thermal and hydraulic calculation, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and possibly optimization and heat integration. It is illustrated through examples coming from real industrial practice. An optimum approach “from idea to industrial applications” utilizing all up to date possibilities is demonstrated on novel design of integrated compact equipment (combustion chamber installed inside heat exchanger) for the thermal treatment of waste gases including heat recovery.

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