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International Heat Transfer Conference 13

ISBN Imprimer: 1-56700-226-9 (CD)
ISBN En ligne: 1-56700-225-0


DOI: 10.1615/IHTC13.p18.160
page 10

Young-Saeng Kim
Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Division, Samsung Electronics Co., Suwon, Korea

A. Tikhonov
Samsung Electronics Co, Suwon, Korea

Y. Shin
Samsung Electronics Co, Suwon, Korea

J. Lee
Samsung Electronics Co, Suwon, Korea


Defrosting procedure using electric heaters is the main method which is used to provide stable operation of low temperature evaporators continuously operating in humid environments. Due to the simplicity of operation and structure the electric heaters remain the best tool for frost melting, especially in small refrigerating systems. Based on the comparison of different types of heaters the most applicable metal sheathed tubular heater with 6.5 mm tube diameter and ceramic plate heater with 1.5 mm thickness were under thorough investigation. Other dimensions of these heaters were variable, while capacities were within the range of 130 Watt to 200 Watt. Tests were carried out (i) under the specially designed test setup conditions and (ii) under the real conditions of freezing compartment of side-by-side (SBS) refrigerator. All test data were recorded by acquisition system. In the tests the effects of capacity, shape and location were investigated. Plate heaters and metal sheathed tubular heaters with customized shapes showed slightly better performance compared with traditional metal sheathed tubular defrosting heaters, which are located below evaporator.

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