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THMT-15. Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium On Turbulence Heat and Mass Transfer

2015, 15-18 September, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

ISBN: 978-1-56700-428-8 (CD)
ISSN: 2377-2816

Table des matières:

Keynote lectures

Using physics to predict the effect of climate change on hurricanes
Brian E. Launder, Kerry Emanuel
pages 1-13
Cavitation in hydroturbine elements and its diagnostics by modern optical techniques
Dmitriy M. Markovich, Konstantin S. Pervunin
pages 15-32
Multi-domain blood flow simulation using multimodal image data
M. Oshima, M. Kobayashi, H. Zhang, S. Yamada
pages 33-44
Challenges and opportunities in simulation of coal and biomass combustion in power plants
M. Pourkashanian, L. Ma, R. Porter, P. Edge, S. Black, A. Clement, Derek B. Ingham
pages 45-71
Micro Energy - Crossroad between thermal engineering and MEMS technology
Yuji Suzuki
pages 73-84
Physics of aircraft icing: A predictive challenge
Cameron Tropea, E. Bonaccurso, A. Criscione, T. Hauk, Suad Jakirlic, D. Kintea, Hai Li, Ilia V. Roisman, M. Schremb
pages 85-96

Special lecture

A turbulence model for the fully-stirred reactor
Dudley Brian Spalding
pages 97-110


Identification of material vortices
S. Hossbach, R. Wilke, J. Sesterhenn
pages 111-114
Relating characteristics of turbulence with pressure spectrum using time resolved PIV
M. M. Hoque, S. Mitra, S. Ghatage, M. J. Sathe, J. B. Joshi, Geoffrey M. Evans
pages 115-118
Amplitude modulation and its relation to streamwise convection velocity
A. Drozdz, W. Elsner
pages 119-122
Reconstruction of time-varying scalar source intensity based on sensing signal in turbulent channel flow
Davide Cerizza, W. Sekiguchi, Takahiro Tsukahara, Yosuke Hasegawa
pages 123-126
Effect of high Reynolds number ratio on transition of transient channel flow
Akshat Mathur, Mehdi Seddighi, S. He
pages 127-130
Turbulence treatment at the interface of horizontal gas-liquid flows
T. Hohne
pages 131-134
Heat and mass transfer in a tube with permeable walls: influence of suction and the Prandtl number
Alexander Leontiev, Valerii G. Lushchik, M. S. Makarova
pages 135-137
Heat transfer characteristics of viscoelastic fluid in transitional flow through a serpentine channel
Kazuya Tatsumi, R. Kimura, N. Shinotsuka, Kazuyoshi Nakabe
pages 139-142
Numerical study on turbulent convective heat transfer of supercritical fluid flows with integral method
Y. Mao, W. Qi, F. Cao
pages 143-146
Flow oscillations in T-shaped channel taking into account mass transfer in branching region
D. I. Zaripov, Nikolay I. Mikheev
pages 147-150
Friction equation for purely viscous non-Newtonian fluids from Kolmogorov's theory
H. R. Anbarlooei, D. O. A. Cruz, Atila P. Silva Freire
pages 151-154
Reynolds analogy and new formulations of the temperature defect law for turbulent boundary layers on a plate
Igor Vigdorovich
pages 155-158

Coherent structures

Effects of flow structures on turbulence statistics of Taylor-Couette flow in the torque transition state
K. Osawa, Yoshitsugu Naka, Naoya Fukushima, Masayasu Shimura, Mamoru Tanahashi, Toshio Miyauchi
pages 159-162
Effects of obliqueness on mixing layer flow structure
M. Karimi, Sharath S. Girimaji
pages 163-166
The near-field flow structure in triple buoyant plumes
S. Yin, K.M. Lam, M. Sandberg, Y. Li
pages 167-170
Turbulent transport in the interface region of porous layer
Yusuke Kuwata, Kazuhiko Suga
pages 171-174
Turbulent entrainment in jets and plumes
Maarten van Reeuwijk , Pietro Salizzoni, John Craske
pages 175-178
On coherent structures in the near field of a pipe jet
R. Mullyadzhanov, S.V. Abdurakipov , K. Hanjalic
pages 179-182
Sweeping within the turbulent boundary layer along a melting wall
Takashi Ohta, K. Yamada
pages 183-186

Experiments and experimental techniques

The effects of natural and mixed convection on heat transfer across adjacent micro-channels, in extreme pressure and temperature conditions.
D. Cooper, Mark A. Cotton, Hector Iacovides, S. Zhang
pages 187-190
Quantitative measurement of spatio-temporal heat transfer to a turbulent water pipe flow
Hajime Nakamura, Naoki Shiibara, Shunsuke Yamada
pages 191-194
Simultaneous PLIF/PIV measurements of pulsating and heated coaxial jets in a turbulent channel flow
J. Klinner, Christian Willert, W. Forster, Manfred Beversdorff, V. Mayer
pages 195-198
Applicability of gradient-diffusion models to simulate turbulent scalar fluxes in confined jet flow
Andrei Chorny, V. L. Zhdanov, Nikolai Kornev, Egon P. Hassel
pages 199-202
Three-dimensional turbulent recirculating flow in a pipe with semi-circular orifice
Y. Yasuoka, Shinnosuke Obi
pages 203-206
On universal heat transfer relationship for hot-wire data
E. N. Ganic, Philipp S. Zanko
pages 207-210
Effects of the plate material characteristics and its inclination angle on falling film breakup
Dz. Kadric, M. Alispahic, S. Sikalo, Suad Jakirlic, E. N. Ganic
pages 211-214
Low Reynolds number effects on jets issuing from round and elliptic orifices
S.S. Aleyasin, Mark F. Tachie, M. Koupriyanov, T. Epp
pages 215-218
Validation of numerical simulations of cavitating flow in hydraulic system using an optoelectronic system
A. Niedzwiedzka, S. Lipinski, W. Sobieski
pages 219-222

DNS and LES studies

DNS of turbulent channel flow: can we imitate conjugate heat-transfer with a Robin boundary condition?
C. Flageul, Sofiane Benhamadouche, Eric Lamballais, Dominique R. Laurence
pages 223-226
Multifractal subgrid-scale modeling for large eddy simulation of turbulent flows
Matthias Walter, Nikolai Kornev, Egon P. Hassel
pages 227-230
A dynamic wall model for large eddy simulation on unstructured meshes. Application to wind turbine dedicated airfoils
J. Calafell, O. Lehmkuhl, Ivette Rodriguez, Assensi Oliva, C. D. Perez-Segarra
pages 231-234
Performance of an anisotropy-resolving subgrid-scale model for predicting turbulent channel flow with wall roughness
Y. Zhang, H. Kihara, Ken-ichi Abe
pages 235-238
A numerical study of a plane wall jet with heat transfer
I. Naqavi, James Tyacke, Paul G. Tucker
pages 239-242
DNS studies for various turbulent thermal boundary layers and scalar linearity
Hirofumi Hattori, M. Tanaka, Tomoya Houra, Masato Tagawa
pages 243-246
Generation of anisotropic divergence free synthetic turbulence at inflow boundaries for LES and DNS using the Turbulent Spot Method
H. Kroger, Nikolai Kornev
pages 247-250

Turbulence modelling

Review of RANS turbulence models adapted for rotation, curvature and stress-strain lag effects in incompressible flows
Alexandra Stefanescu, Alistair Revell, Timothy J. Craft
pages 251-254
An elliptic blending differential flux model for natural, mixed and forced convection
Sofiane Benhamadouche, Frederic Dehoux, Remi Manceau
pages 255-258
Small Peclet-small Mach number approximation and its implications on statistical turbulence models
O. Soulard, J. Griffond, D. Souffland
pages 259-262
Numerical prediction of heat transfer in liquid metal applications
T. Schumm, M. Niemann, Franco Magagnato, Bettina Frohnapfel, Jochen Frohlich
pages 263-266
On modelling the plasma-actuator-related turbulence production in RANS closure models
I. Maden, R. Maduta, J. Kriegseis, Suad Jakirlic, Sven Grundmann, Cameron Tropea
pages 267-270
RANS turbulence treatment for continuous adjoint optimization
Mirza Popovac, H. Jasak, H. Rusche, C. Reichl
pages 271-274
Exploration of rotation/curvature correction method in hydropower application
Ardalan Javadi, E. Krane, H. Nilsson
pages 275-278
Analysis of URANS capabilities on modeling airfoil pitching flows
A.F. Medina, F. J. Souza
pages 279-282
Numerical modelling of convective diffusion in three-component gas mixtures
Dauren B. Zhakebayev, A.P. Kizbayev, V. N. Kosov, Olga V. Fedorenko
pages 283-286

Combined RANS and LES

A further enhancement of the PANS method for calculations with moving meshes or with transient boundaries
Branislav Basara, Sinisa Krajnovic
pages 287-290
Two-equation hybrid RANS-LES Models: A novel way to treat k and ω at the inlet
Lars Davidson
pages 291-294
An assessment of Scale-Resolving Simulation models for the flow around a circular cylinder
F. S. Pereira, G. Vaz, L. Eca
pages 295-298
A numerically upgraded instability-sensitized Reynolds stress model for complex turbulent flow applications
R. Maduta, Suad Jakirlic, M. Ullrich
pages 299-302
Near-wall modelling and free-stream turbulence effects on square cylinder unsteady heat transfer
X. Chen, H. Xia
pages 303-306
DES of turbulent flow around a sphere with trip wire
M. Torlak, A. Halač, S. Roesler, S. Korić
pages 307-310
Toward a temporal formulation for Detached Eddy Simulation
Christophe Friess
pages 311-314
A grid based zonal formulation of k−ω−SST−SAS model for complex turbulent flows
A. Mehdizadeh, G. Vijayakumar, H. Foroutan, Amsini Sadiki
pages 315-318

Impingement, separation, swirl and rotation

Modelling and simulation of single- and multi-phase axisymmetric impinging jets
M. Garlick, Timothy J. Craft, Michael Fairweather
pages 319-322
Unsteady heat transfer of multiple impinging jets
M. Draksler, Bostjan Koncar, L. Cizelj, Bojan Niceno
pages 323-326
Turbulence dynamics in the separated region of channel flow with a lower curved wall
J.-P. Mollicone, F. Battista, Paolo Gualtieri, Carlo M. Casciola
pages 327-330
Characteristics of the near wake region behind a cylinder at critical and super-critical Reynolds numbers
Ivette Rodriguez, O. Lehmkuhl, J. Chiva, R. Borrell, Assensi Oliva
pages 331-334
Vortex breakdown recognition in the turbulent wake of the 25° Ahmed body
C. Jermann, Gregory Pujals, P. Meliga, Francois Gallaire, Eric Serre
pages 335-338
Turbulent characteristics of surface attaching jet influenced by nozzle geometry
M. S. Rahman, Mark F. Tachie
pages 339-342
Single and two-phase inclined jets in a cross flow
M. J. Rempto, A. M. S. Suarez, Atila P. Silva Freire
pages 343-346
Turbulent structures in a temporally evolving swirling jet
A. M. Souza, F. J. Souza, Aristeu da Silveira Neto, C. A. R. Duarte
pages 347-350
Relaminarisation mechanism of the turbulent Couette flows at high Reynolds numbers under a stable system rotation
Koji Fukudome, Yoshifumi Ogami
pages 351-354
DNS study of turbulent flow in a spanwise rotating square duct at high rotation numbers
Xingjun Fang, Z. Yang, Bing-Chen Wang
pages 355-358
LES scrutiny of non-linear k-ε-ζ-f model sensitized to rotation
A. Salvagni, Domenico Borello, E. Properzi, K. Hanjalic, F. Rispoli
pages 359-362

Turbulence and Buoyancy

Computational modelling of buoyancy-driven flows in highly inclined tall cavities
Timothy J. Craft, Hector Iacovides, Ali Omranian
pages 363-366
Non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq effects in a turbulent tall water-filled differentially heated cavity
D. Kizildag, Ivette Rodriguez, F. Xavier Trias, Assensi Oliva, C. D. Perez-Segarra
pages 367-370
Investigation on spatially developing natural convection boundary layer along a vertical heated plate by a LES
Keisuke Nakao, Yasuo Hattori, Hitoshi Suto
pages 371-374
Two quasi-steady states observation in an asymmetrically heated vertical channel
Yiqin Li, Hervé Pabiou, Christophe Menezo
pages 375-378
Convection-radiation coupling in a differentially heated cavity at high Rayleigh number
Laurent Cadet, Anne Sergent, Patrice Joubert, Denis Lemonnier, Didier Saury
pages 379-382
Fine-scale dynamics in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection
Firas Dabbagh, F. Xavier Trias, Andrey Gorobets, Assensi Oliva
pages 383-386
Numerical Analysis of Multiplicity and Transition Phenomena in Natural Convection
A. Ecder, H. Kafil
pages 387-390
Species transport by natural convection of supercritical ammonia
Jan Seebeck, P. Savva, J. Erlekampf, E. Meissner, J. Friedrich, L. Frey
pages 391-394
Turbulent natural convection cooling of electronics using liquid coolant
O. Kirez, B. Sumer, Bora Yazici
pages 395-398
Analysis of turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection using low-Mach Number, variable-density DNS algorithm
I. Yilmaz
pages 399-402

Compressible and high speed flows

High-Reynolds-number effects in supersonic turbulent channel flow
D. Modesti, Matteo Bernardini, Sergio Pirozzoli
pages 403-406
Prandtl number effects in high-speed rarefied cavity flows
V. Venugopal, Sharath S. Girimaji
pages 407-410
On the reversibility of the compressible, inviscid, linearized Navier-Stokes equations: Implications for numerical schemes
Rebecca L. Bertsch, Sharath S. Girimaji
pages 411-414
On the extension of RANS/LES methods from incompressible to compressible transonic turbulent flows with SBLI.
J.B. Pedro, A. Baez Vidal, O. Lehmkuhl, C. D. Perez-Segarra, Assensi Oliva
pages 415-418
Modelling particle evolution in turbulent high pressure sonic CO2 jets
C.J. Wareing, Michael Fairweather, Robert M. Woolley, S. A. E. G. Falle
pages 419-422
A coupled two-phase flow model for predicting the flashing of liquid CO2 during pipeline decompression
S. Brown, Sergey Martynov, Haroun Mahgerefteh
pages 423-426
Suppression of transition from deflagration to detonation: a possible application to explosion in coal mines
S. Escobar, I. Celik, T. Yang
pages 427-430
Thermal explosion of particles with internal heat generation in turbulent temperature of surrounding fluid
Igor V. Derevich, V. Mordkovich, D. Galdina
pages 431-434


Manipulation of large-scale vortical structures and mixing in a coaxial jet with miniature jet actuators
Yu Saiki, S. Tanaka, S. Hattori, K. Nakura, Yojiro Ishino
pages 435-438
Large eddy simulation in Code_Saturne of thermal mixing in a T junction with brass walls
Richard J. A. Howard, Eric Serre
pages 439-442
DNS of a jet in cross flow with passive scalar mixing
Zhao Wu, Dominique R. Laurence, I. Afgan
pages 443-446
Effect of nozzle geometry on mixing in turbulent free orifice jets
Y. Y. Afriyie, S.S. Aleyasin, Mark F. Tachie, M. Koupriyanov, T. Epp
pages 447-450
Turbulent heat transfer on a blunt flat plate with passive jet injection
Christian Helcig, Johann Turnow, Stefan aus der Wiesche
pages 451-454

Combustion and reacting flows

Micromixing simulation by two-particle mixing
C. Dopazo, J. Hierro, L. Cifuentes, Jesus Martin
pages 455-458
Investigation of unsteady reacting flow in a swirl burner by planar optical techniques and POD
A. S. Lobasov, D. K. Sharaborin, Vladimir M. Dulin, I. M. Vereshchagin, Shota Alexsandrovich Piralishvili, Dmitriy M. Markovich
pages 459-462
LES of a hydrogen-air turbulent jet premixed flame using a fractal dynamic SGS combustion model
Katsuhiro Hiraoka, Masayasu Shimura, Yoshitsugu Naka, Mamoru Tanahashi, Toshio Miyauchi
pages 463-466
Ignition and combustion model for explicit flame tracking
Sergei M. Frolov, V. Ivanov, Branislav Basara, Peter Priesching, M. Suffa
pages 467-470
LES modeling of a turbulent premixed swirl burner using the Eulerian stochastic field method coupled with FGM tabulated chemistry
A. Avdic, G. Kuenne, Johannes Janicka
pages 471-474
LES-CMC of oxy-combustion of hydrogen jet
Artur Tyliszczak, A. Rosiak, A. Boguslawski
pages 475-478
LES/CMC simulations of swirl-stabilised ethanol spray flames approaching blow-off
A. Giusti, Epaminondas Mastorakos
pages 479-482
Towards a Direct Numerical Simulation of a lifted CH4- air diffusion flame
J. Ventosa-Molina, O. Lehmkuhl, C. D. Perez-Segarra, Assensi Oliva
pages 483-486
Soot particle size distribution in a turbulent non-premixed ethylene-nitrogen flame
W. R. Boyette , S. Chowdhury, William L Roberts
pages 487-490
Numerical study of turbulent spray combustion within the reverse flow combustor of a turboshaft engine
G. Öztarlik, Onur Tuncer
pages 491-494
Assessment of a recent model of turbulent scalar flux in RANS simulations of premixed Bunsen flames
E. Yasari, Andrei N. Lipatnikov
pages 495-498
Comparative analysis of turbulent combustion models for swirled and jet flames
Ar. A. Dekterev, A. A. Dekterev, A. V. Minakov
pages 499-502
Characteristics of hydrogen jet diffusion flame blow-off in the air cross flow
Mikhail P. Tokarev, V. V. Lukashov, R. Kh. Abdrakhmanov
pages 503-506
Large-scale vortices in high-swirl flame. Tomographic PIV study
D. K. Sharaborin, Mikhail P. Tokarev, A. S. Lobasov, L. M. Chikishev, Vladimir M. Dulin, Dmitriy M. Markovich
pages 507-510
KL measurements on a diluted, piloted, non-premixed ethylene jet flame at atmospheric pressure
S. Chowdhury, E. Cenker, William L Roberts
pages 511-514
Effect of radiation on the solutions of SANDIA Flame D with the flamelet model
S. Mengi, Onur Tuncer, A.Cihat Baytaş
pages 515-518
URANS and LES CFD simulations of swirl stabilized non-premixed TECFLAM combustor
M. B. Solmaz, Sitki Uslu
pages 519-522

Particles laden flows

Simulations of targeted delivery of magnetic drug aerosols in the human respiratory system
Sasa Kenjeres, J. L. Tjin
pages 523-526
Particle laden homogeneous shear flow in the two-way coupling regime: Exact Regularized Point Particle method
Carlo M. Casciola, Paolo Gualtieri, F. Battista
pages 527-530
Application of the exact regularized point particle method to turbulent pipe flow in the two-way coupling regime
R. Messina, F. Battista, Paolo Gualtieri, Carlo M. Casciola
pages 531-534
Direct numerical simulation of the influence of Stokes number on velocity and particle concentration distributions in particle-laden round jets
N. A. Qazi, Haiou Wang, J. C. K. Tang, M. Bolla, Evatt R. Hawkes, Guan Heng Yeoh, R. W. Grout
pages 535-538
Constraining the functional form of the critical flow velocity at low concentrations in multiphase pipe flow
H. P. Rice, Michael Fairweather, J. Peakall, T. N. Hunter, B. Mahmoud, Simon R. Biggs
pages 539-542
Gas-solid turbulence modulation analyzed by wavelet MRA, Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy, correlation dimension and Euler/Lagrange simulation
J. Utzig, H. P. Guerra, F. J. Souza, H. F. Meier
pages 543-546
Deterministic modelling of particle agglomeration in turbulent flow
Derrick O. Njobuenwu, Michael Fairweather
pages 547-550
The influence of the lift force on particle deposition in turbulent flows
Dmitrii Ph. Sikovsky
pages 551-554
Effectiveness of AMR strategies in two-phase DNS
E. Schillaci, O. Antepara, O. Lehmkuhl, N. Balcazar, Assensi Oliva
pages 555-558
The effect of dispersed phase on flow structure in a turbulent two-phase swirling flow downstream of a pipe sudden expansion
Viktor I. Terekhov, Maksim A. Pakhomov
pages 559-562
Gold nanofluid prevents geyser effect in thermosyphon
U. Franzke, Matthias H. Buschmann
pages 563-566
Combined CFD-population balance modelling of sludge flocculation process in sedimentation tanks
Alexander Vikhansky, J. C. B. Betancourt, N. Ratkovich, I. Nopres
pages 567-570
On the statistics of fibers in turbulent vertical channel flow
Niranjan Reddy Challabotla, Lihao Zhao, Helge I. Andersson
pages 571-574
Deposition fraction of ellipsoidal fibers in a turbulent duct flow
Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol, Omid Abouali, Mahmood A. Yaghoubi, Goodarz Ahmadi
pages 575-578
Numerical simulation on deposition phenomenon of molten droplets on modeled turbine vane
S. Nakamoto, Makoto Yamamoto
pages 579-582
Study of the deposit of solid particles on the walls of a ribbed duct under stationary and rotating conditions
Domenico Borello, F. Rispoli, A. Salvagni, P. Venturini
pages 583-586
Simulation of particle fouling and its influence on friction loss and heat transfer on structured surfaces using phase changing mechanism
Robert Kasper, Johann Turnow, J. Klunker, Nikolai Kornev
pages 587-590
Mitigating elbow erosion with a vortex chamber
C. A. R. Duarte, F. J. Souza, V. F. Santos
pages 591-594

Sprays, bubbles and droplets

Evaluation of evaporation models using the Direct Quadrature-based Sectional Method of Moments
B. Synek, W. W. Gumprich, Amsini Sadiki
pages 595-598
Effects of evaporating droplets on scalar dissipation rate in supersonic shear flows
Z. X. Ren, Bing Wang, H. Q. Zhang
pages 599-602
Numerical simulations of atomization and flash evaporation of cryogenic nitrogen injection
Th. Ramcke, Michael Pfitzner
pages 603-606
Droplet dynamics in sprays generated by four different twin-fluid atomizers
M. Zaremba, M. Malý, M. Mlkvik, Jan Jedelsky, Miroslav Jicha
pages 607-610
Rivulets formation on a falling liquid film
Sergey Alekseenko, Aleksey V. Bobylev, Vladimir V. Guzanov, Sergey M. Kharlamov, Alexandr Z. Kvon, Dmitriy M. Markovich
pages 611-614
Experimental study of heat and mass transfer of moist air in convective, asymmetric cooled, vertical gap flows
M. Nickl, Andreas Westhoff, B. Steinmacher, Claus Wagner
pages 615-618
Modelling of bubbly two-phase flows using a population balance approach
M. Colombo, Michael Fairweather
pages 619-622
Statistics of slug flow subjected to wall transpiration
F. J. S. Bandeira, Juliana Braga Rodrigues Loureiro, Atila P. Silva Freire
pages 623-626
A numerical study of the hydrodynamics of bubbling fluidized beds using pressure fluctuation signals
Mohammad Reza Haghgoo, Donald J. Bergstrom, Raymond J. Spiteri
pages 627-630
RANS simulations of a turbulent flow structure and convective heat transfer in a bubbly jet impingement
Maksim A. Pakhomov
pages 631-634
Numerical simulation of pulsations in vapour channel of low-temperature range heat pipes
Arkadiy Seryakov, A.V. Konkin
pages 635-638
CFD modelling of polydisperse flows in horizontal pipes
Alexander Vikhansky, Dimitrios Papoulias
pages 639-642
Experimental study of surface configuration effect on saturated pool boiling
Mahmood A. Yaghoubi, S. Bashiri, M. R. Nematollahi, Kamran Hirbodi
pages 643-646
Coupled liquid and vapor flow in porous medium of heat pipes
Ali Nouri-Borujerdi
pages 647-650
Condensation research in the short low temperature range heat pipes
Arkadiy Seryakov, V.I. Ananiev
pages 651-654
An influence of the nanoparticles Al2O3 and TiO2 admixtures on thermophysical properties and flow boiling heat transfer coefficient of the R600a/mineral oil solutions
Mykola Lukianov, Andrii V. Melnyk, Olga Khliyeva, Vitaly P. Zhelezny , Maksim Polyuganich
pages 655-658

Environmental and geophysical flows

Detailed cloud microphysics simulation for investigation into the impact of sea spray on air-sea heat flux
Ryo Onishi, H. Fuchigami, Keiko Takahashi
pages 659-662
Lagrangian simulation of the passive tracer in the convective planetary boundary layer
Boris B. Ilyushin, I.V Mitin, Dmitrii Ph. Sikovsky
pages 663-666
LES study of a mixed layer above urban street canyons
I. Suter, C. Maksimovic, Maarten van Reeuwijk
pages 667-670
Plume dispersion characteristics in the turbulent convective regime
Shahin N. Oskouie, Zixuan Yang, Bing-Chen Wang, Eugene Yee
pages 671-674
Modelling pollutant dispersion over a city in a hilly terrain under initially stable and neutral stratification
Sasa Kenjeres, K. Hanjalic, A. Bevrnja, A. Zilic
pages 675-678
Numerical study of atmospheric diurnal penetrative convection over terrain with localized heat source
Michael Yu. Hrebtov, K. Hanjalic, Sasa Kenjeres
pages 679-682
On modeling and simulations of photochemical smog formation in simplif ed and complex urban areas
C. Muilwijk, P.J.C. Schrijvers, Sasa Kenjeres
pages 683-686
Estimate the flow rate caused by high-rise building walls natural convection in urban canopy layer
Y. Fan, Y. Li, J. Hang, K. Wang
pages 687-690
Coupling of human thermoregulation and URANS computation for investigation of local heat transfer and flow structures in a generic car cabin
Johann Turnow, S. Knochenhauer, R. Kewitz, Nikolai Kornev
pages 691-694

Turbulence-related drag and heat transfer control

Enhanced heat transfer by a slower flow in highly confined turbulent natural convection
Ke-Qing Xia, Kai-Leong Chong, Matthias Kaczorowski, Shi-Di Huang
pages 695-698
Temperature fluctuation appearing in bilayered thermal boundary in drag-reducing surfactant solution flow
Kazuya Watanabe, Y. Kaiho, Shumpei Hara, Takahiro Tsukahara, Yasuo Kawaguchi
pages 699-702
Experimental study of heat transfer enhancement using ultrasound on a flat plate in forced convection
O. Bulliard-Sauret, S. Ferrouillat, L. Vignal, E. Pashmi, Alain Memponteil, N. Gondrexon
pages 703-706
Optimal heat transfer in plane Couette flow
S. Motoki, Masaki Shimizu , Genta Kawahara
pages 707-710
Influence of parameters of array of dimples on thermohydraulic efficiency
N. A. Kiselev, S.A. Burtcev, Mark M. Strongin, Yu. A. Vinogradov
pages 711-714
Turbulence control in the Taylor-Couette flow system
Hamid Oualli, Mahmoud Mekadem, Ahcene Bouabdallah, Mohamed Gad-el-Hak
pages 715-718
Effects of interval of spanwise-modulated local forcing on mechanisms of flow separation control
A. Yakeno, Y. Abe, Soshi Kawai, Taku Nonomura, Kozo Fujii
pages 719-722
Actuation of the flow field around a frontstep with a rounded leading edge
Guglielmo Minelli, Sinisa Krajnovic, Branislav Basara
pages 723-726
Analysis of organized turbulent structure by pattern recognition technique in drag-reducing surfactant solution flow in a channel
Shumpei Hara, R. Ii, Takahiro Tsukahara, Yasuo Kawaguchi
pages 727-730
A plane turbulent wall jet on a fully rough surface
Z. Tang, Donald J. Bergstrom, James D. Bugg
pages 731-734
Friction-drag reduction effect in wall turbulence with fluorescently-labeled polymer
T. Atsumi, Hiroya Mamori, Kaoru Iwamoto, Akira Murata, H. Ando, M. Masuda, M. Wada
pages 735-738
Energy transport between turbulent structures and polymer in drag-reducing channel flow by using beads-spring-dashpot chain model
Masanobu Fujimura , Hiroya Mamori, Kaoru Iwamoto, Akira Murata, M. Masuda, H. Ando
pages 739-742
Heat transfer and pressure drop performance of offset strip fins with gap between successive rows in turbulence regime
Seongwon Hwang, Ji Hwan Jeong
pages 743-746
Heat transfer enhancement using aluminium oxide nanofluid: effect of the base fluid
Meriem Amoura, Noureddine Zeraibi, Ahmed Benzaoui
pages 747-750

Electricity conductive fluids and MHD

Numerical challenges in gas-kinetic simulations of magnetohydrodynamics
S. Anderson, Sharath S. Girimaji
pages 751-754
Turbulence budgets in conf ned thermo-magnetic convection
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New developments on Lorentz force velocimetry for weakly conducting fluids
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Large eddy simulation of MHD turbulence decay at different magnetic Reynolds number
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A real gas model for numerical flow analysis in a high-voltage SF6 circuit breaker
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Experimental thermo-magnetic convection analysis in rectangular enclosure
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pages 771-774

Energy and environment

Numerical simulation of aerodynamics and pulverized coal combustion in the dual-nozzle vortex furnace
Denis V. Krasinsky
pages 775-778
Numerical study of NOx reduction by reburning mechanically-activated micronized coal in a full-scale tangentially-fired boiler
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Numerical simulation of char conversion in a high-pressure, high-temperature drop tube reactor
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Simulation of biomass combustion in a turbulent channel flow
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Numerical modelling of heat transfer phenomena in accidental CO2 pipeline releases with experimental validation
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A model of the near-field expansion of CO2 jet releasedfrom a ruptured pipeline
Wentian Zheng, S. Brown, Sergey Martynov, Haroun Mahgerefteh
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Capturing vortical structures at low load in a Francis-99 turbine draft tube with RANS and hybrid RANS/LES models.
A. A. Gavrilov, A. V. Sentyabov, A. A. Dekterev, K. Hanjalic
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Computer simulation of flow at part load in a laboratory model of Kaplan hydroturbine by RANS, DES and LES
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Analysis of head losses in a turbine draft tube by means of 3D unsteady simulations
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Performance comparisons of diffuser inlet and outlet positions on the temperature and velocity variations in a furnished office room
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The gas-dynamic method of energy separation (new experimental results)
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Experimental research of heat transfer augmentation technique in gas dynamic energy separation process
Sergey S. Popovich, Mark M. Strongin, Yu. A. Vinogradov , Andrey G. Zditovets
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Numerical modelling of the discharged heat water effect from thermal power plant on the aquatic environment
Alibek Issakhov
pages 823-826
Effect of operating conditions on the process hydrogen storage in metal hydride
A. Babou, Y. Kerboua Ziari, Youcef Kerkoub
pages 827-830

Industrial applications

Two phase flow liquid metal behavior in propulsion chamber
Ryo S. Amano, Y.H. Yen
pages 831-834
Experimental and numerical study of flow structures between two Ahmed bodies with various inter-body distances
M. Mirzaei, A. Pavlenko, Sinisa Krajnovic, Valery G. Chernoray
pages 835-838
Influence of numerics and analysis of external flow over a three-dimensional realistic car model
R. F. Soares, F. J. de Souza
pages 839-842
Improved-delayed-detached-eddy simulations of sawtooth spoilers control before a supersonic weapon bay
Zhe Weng, Kunyu Luo, Song Fu, Zhixiang Xiao
pages 843-846
Numerical investigation of secondary flows in a high-lift low pressure turbine
J. Cui, V. Nagabhushana Rao, Paul G. Tucker
pages 847-850
Application of an Aerothermal Model for Effusion Cooling Systems and Finite Rate Chemistry in Aero-Engine Combustors
T. Aumeier, Thomas Behrendt
pages 851-854
CFD investigation of a Stirling engine f exi-fuel burner based on MILD combustion
A. Abou-Taouk, P. Wettrell, Lars-Erik Eriksson
pages 855-858
LES study of the turbulent flow in a HDD model
A. Tamaru, Shinnosuke Obi
pages 859-862
Regenerative heat exchanger with flow friction ventilator
A. Renz, M. Becher, Stefan Becker, R. Pauer
pages 863-866
Local heat transfer and vortex structures in a single channel of a round plate-and-shell heat exchanger
Johann Turnow, Nikolai Kornev
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Mass transfer without and with chemical reaction in particulate fluidized beds
D. Jaćimovski, R. Garić-Grulović, R. Pjanović, N. Bosković-Vragolović
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Numerical analysis of different diffuser and vent numbers in a commercial display cabinet with air curtain for different environmental velocities
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pages 875-878
Heat transfer due to turbulent flow water in metal foam: limited experimental results and difficulties
Ozer Bagci, Nihad Dukhan, Mustafa Ozdemir, A. Arbak
pages 879-882
Analysis of Flow over a Gapped Pin-Fin
Kwang-Jin Sa, Kwang-Yong Kim
pages 883-886
RANS simulation of turbulent swept flow over a wire in a channel for core thermal hydraulic design using advanced eddy-viscosity models
B.-H. You, Y. H. Jeong, Yacine Addad
pages 887-890
Numerical study on the performance of Venturi scrubber in self-priming mode
Jong-Wook Lee, Won-Seok Kim, HyunSoo Kim
pages 891-894
Heat transfer evaluation of bio-based shape stabilized PCM with boron nitride for enhancing thermal efficiency
S. G. Jeong , S. Kim
pages 895-898

ICHMT Digital Library

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