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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences
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ISSN Imprimer: 1064-2315
ISSN En ligne: 2163-9337

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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences

DOI: 10.1615/JAutomatInfScien.v32.i3.40
pages 29-36

On an Approach to Identification of Dynamic Systems Under Uncertainty

Vyacheslav F. Gubarev
Institute of Space Research NAS and SSA of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Nikolay N. Aksenov
Space Research Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and National Space Agency of Ukraine


The authors discuss an approach, one of those appropriate, to identification of multidimensional systems under unknown bounded errors in a priori given data. The ideas and methods of the theory of ill-defined mathematical problems are applied in the paper to simultaneous state estimation and parameter identification. The authors introduce a smoothing functional as a fit-test criterion for a model and analyze the functional properties. A modified criterion including a regularization item is applied in order to avoid the difficulties that arise with model selection and overparametrization.

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