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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
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ISSN En ligne: 1943-6009

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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v79.i1.20
pages 17-27


Q. Liu
Zhengzhou Vocational College of Finance and Taxation, 18 Zhengwei Road, Zhengzhou, Henan 450048, China


With the development of Internet technology, online shopping has gradually emerged. For logistics companies, the efficiency of the traditional warehouse management model has been difficult to meet the growing needs for logistics. In order to improve the efficiency of management, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is combined with warehouse management. In this paper, RFID technology and RFID-based warehousing logistics distribution are briefly introduced, two experiments are carried out in the warehouse of Zhengzhou xx Logistics Company, i.e., the influence of the position of the electronic label of the goods on the recognition accuracy and the comparison experiment between traditional management mode and RFID-based management mode. The results show that the accuracy of recognition is the highest when the electronic label is at the bottom of the cargo, that is, when it is closest to the reader. The management accuracy of the RFID-based warehouse management is higher within one day, which is not subject to the peak of the throughput of cargoes. Within one month, the RFID-based warehouse management has a higher average inbound and outbound speed of the warehouse, the larger storage capacity of the warehouse, lower required labor cost and smaller loss rate of cargoes during the process of distribution. In summary, the use of RFID technology can effectively improve the efficiency of warehouse management.


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