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Heat transfer in dry granular flows. Another tur bulence

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2012.ProcSevIntSympTurbHeatTransfPal.1390
pages 1365-1368

P. Rognon
IUSTI-CNRS 5 rue E. Fermi Marseille 13453 Cedex 13; Particles and Grains Laboratory - The university of Sydney, Sydney,NSW 2006 Australia

I. Einav
Particles and Grains Laboratory - The university of Sydney, Sydney,NSW 2006 Australia

B. Metzger
IUSTI-CNRS UMR 7343, AMU, Marseille 13453 Cedex 13


We consider a special kind of liquid, granular matter, and investigate its ability to transfer heat while flowing. Using discrete element simulations, we show that large correlated motions of grains develop in dense granular sheared layer, and lead to a strong heat transfer across the streamlines. This process is similar to the convection induced by eddies in turbulent flows. However, granular eddies do not result from the visco-inertial instability, but from the steric exclusion of closely packed grains. As a result, they seem to develop even at very low shear rates, which could have a significant practical interest. Beyond their different natures, classical turbulence and granular turbulence face similar challenges, and it is hoped that research in these two fields can benefit from each other.

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