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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2008.CHT.1760
page 9

G. M. van Uffelen
Peutz & Associates Mook, The Netherlands

W. D. Wormgoor
Peutz & Associates Mook, The Netherlands


Two distinctive CFD models of the atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel of Peutz & Associates in the Netherlands are constructed. Using this CFD model the pedestrian comfort in two building projects is evaluated. The first model using the standard k-ε model and the hybrid differencing scheme shows moderate agreement with the measurement results from wind tunnel test on physical models of the same building projects. Better agreement is calculated using the RNG k-ε model and a second order differencing scheme (MINMOD). However, a numerical 'virtual wind tunnel' cannot yet replace a real one. But, the location of 'hot spots' can be predicted, which can be advantageous for certain projects and can be of help to the set up of measurements.

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