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Simulations of targeted delivery of magnetic drug aerosols in the human respiratory system

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2015.THMT-15.1110
pages 523-526

Sasa Kenjeres
Transport Phenomena Section, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology and J.M. Burgerscentrum for Fluid Mechanics, Delft, The Netherlands

J. L. Tjin
Transport Phenomena Section, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology and J. M. Burgerscentrum for Fluid Mechanics, Julianalaan 136, 2628 BL Delft, The Netherlands


We performed advanced numerical simulations of the targeted delivery of pharmaceutical drug aerosols in a realistic geometry of the human respiratory system that includes up to the 8th bronchial generations in lungs. Here we combined the well-resolved Large Eddy Simulations (LES) with WALE subgrid closure in the Eulerian framework for air f ow predictions and the Lagrangian framework (with an extension for the magnetization force acting on the particles) for tracing of the aerosols with a paramagnetic core. The results of the f ow simulations are validated against recent Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry (MRV) measurements performed in an identical phantom. A good agreement between simulations and experiments is obtained for all considered locations. Then, a particulate phase is activated in Lagrangian framework and the local deposition eff ciency is calculated for different classes of pharmaceutical particles without and with paramagnetic core. It is demonstrated that signif cant increase in the local deposition eff ciency at pre-def ned targeted locations can be achieved (up to f ve-fold increase) when magnetic f eld gradients are activated.

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