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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2001.RadiationSymp.390
8 pages

Stephane Andre
LEMTA UMR CNRS7563 - BP 164, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy, 54504 Cedex, FRANCE

Denis Maillet
University of Lorraine, LEMTA Lab, 2 avenue de la Forêt de Haye - BP 90161 - 54505 Vandoeuvre cedex, France; CNRS, LEMTA, France

Alain Degiovanni
L.E.M.T.A − I.N.P.L − U.H.P Nancy I − U.M.R-7563 02, avenue de la Foret de Haye, B.P. 160 54 504 Vandceuvre-Les-Nancy Cedex France


This paper presents an analytical method based on the quadrupole formulation (transfer matrix) that allows one dimensional calculation of the coupled heat transfer that occurs by both radiation and conduction transport phenomena in glasses or ceramics at high temperatures. This model is used to investigate a well known experimental technique (periodic method) that is classically used for opaque materials in order to determine their thermal diffusivity thanks to the measurement of the phase lag evolution versus frequency. The underlying idea is to see whether such an experiment applied to semi-transparent materials (STM) is able - as it is the case for the flash method - to evaluate the phononic or lattice thermal conductivity and possibly an average extinction coefficient. Some preliminary responses are given here through a stochastic analysis on the wanted parameters.

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