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M. Ivanovic
IPES - Institute, University of Sarajevo, P.O.Box. 79, 71001 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia

M. Soc
IPES - Institute, University of Sarajevo, P.O.Box. 79, 71001 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia

S. Sirbubalo


Described is the mathematical model ENENSA for designing the optimum energy supply system in the longer period of time inside the certain urban and industrial areas. The model results enable directing the end users to the forms of energy and energy sources which require minimum costs. The mathematical model consists of two segments: ENERGO and ENVIRO and is based on the concept of discretization of space and time and therefore the domain of interest is divided into cells (urban and industrial) which must be homogeneous from the energy point of view. In the segment ENERGO, on the basis of the estimated energy consumption computed are all the relevant parameters of various alternative systems of energy supply. The computed values of pollutant concentration (in segment ENVIRO) must comply with existing national air quality standards.
The application of the model is illustrated on the example of the energy supply system of town Sarajevo.

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