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G. Scheuerer
University of Karlsruhe; Advanced Scientific Computing GmbH, Am Gangsteig 26, D-8150 Holzkirchen, Germany

M. Scheuerer
Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH, Germany


A conservative finite-volume method is employed for simulations of two-phase flows with a two-fluid model using separate conservation equations for each fluid. The mathematical model is based on ensemble- and phase-averaged transport equations and a set of simple constitutive laws for interfacial phenomena. The equation system is solved iteratively and in a segregated manner with the IPSA and PEA algorithms, developed by Spalding (1980). The method is verified by comparison with analytical solutions and experimental data for one-dimensional steady and unsteady flows. A formal solution error estimation procedure based on extrapolation techniques is employed to assess the numerical accuracy of the results.

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