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J. R. Boehmer
* Inslitut für Energictechnik, Fachbereich Maschinentcchnik; Univcrstät-GH Siegen, Paul-Bonalz-Str. 9-11, D-5900 Siegen, Germany

F. N. Feu
* Inslitut für Energictechnik, Fachbereich Maschinentcchnik; Univcrstät-GH Siegen, Paul-Bonalz-Str. 9-11, D-5900 Siegen, Germany


Expert systems, also called knowledge-based systems, capture knowledge of experts in their software and make it available to any user capable of running the system. Their use contributes to different phases of the simulation process (model development and verification, data management, result interpretation and assessment, instruction generation) to accompany as well as to shorten the solution finding process. For the cooperative juxtaposition of expert systems and conventional modelling and simulation the following rule should be observed: the application area for expert systems arises where the person using conventional simulation has activities preparing intelligent decisions left. The knowledge forming the basis of an expert system designed for the field of the continuous casting process is drawn from the modelling area as well as from the practice of process control. Using knowledge elements from different specialists a new knowledge amount arises which may contain different problem solution strategies. The effort building such expert systems only becomes profitable when the activities to be formalized are to be used frequently or at different places at the same time.

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