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M. Guille
Laboratoire d'Etudes, Thermiques, E.N.S.M.A. 20,rue Guillaume VII 86034 Poitiers cedex France

Yves Bertin
CNRS - Institut Prime-Université de Poitiers - ENSMA UPR 3346, Département Fluides, Thermique, Combustion, 1, avenue Clément Ader BP 40109, 86961 FUTUROSCOPE CHASSENEUIL Cedex France

Jean-Bernard Saulnier
Laboratoire d'Etudes Thermiques, U.M.R. C.N.R.S. 6608, Université de Poitiers, ENSMA, Teleport 2, 1 avenue Clément Ader, BP 40109, 86961 Futuroscope Cedex, France


This paper deals with a tentative approach to the development of an expert system devoted to the thermal design of electrical motors.
We first describe, thanks to an illustrative example, the involved study domain, particularly in order to throw light on the characteristic steps of the thermal optimization of an electrical rotating machine.
After having depicted the nature and the structure of the varied knowledge which such a study requires, we define the mainlines of the planned expert system.

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