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A. Endo
Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Development Co., 4002 Oarai Higashi-ibaraki, Ibaraki, 311-13 JAPAN

N. Terashita
Mitsubishi Electric Co., 8-1-1 Tukaguchi-honmachi Amagasaki, Hyogo, 661 JAPAN

K. Watanabe
Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Development Co., 4002 Oarai Higashi-ibaraki, Ibaraki, 311-13 JAPAN


The authors arc developing an autonomous operation system for FBR plants with an ultimate objective to obtain higher operational reliability of the plants by removing human factors. In parallel with this, developing of a building block type plant simulator for the FBR plants is in progress. Its objective is to validate and evaluate performance of the autonomous operation system to be developed. The simulator system allows us to build up plant models through a CRT with a CAD-like interface by combining figurative elements indicative of appraising units in dynamics analysis programs. The design has been completed and its feasibility has been studied through the construction of a trial system and the building up of the simulation models of the secondary cooling system in an FBR plant using the trial system. The results were satisfactory and construction of the simulator has been started.

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