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Rolf-Einar Grini
Institutt for encrgitcknikk, OECD Haldcn Reactor Project, P.O.Box 173, N-1751 Haldcn, Norway

Tor Karstad
Institutt for encrgitcknikk, OECD Haldcn Reactor Project, P.O.Box 173, N-1751 Haldcn, Norway


One of the largest branches in computerised operator support system research for process plants is diagnosis systems. Various techniques arc applied in the diagnostic process. Two diagnosis systems, DISK1JI and Detailed Diagnosis, applying different techniques have been developed at the OECD Halden Reactor Project. The diversity calls for a way of integrating diagnosis techniques within a framework. Two approaches to this arc discussed here; centralised integration and distributed integration. It is required that diagnosis systems being integrated have some sort of common description of possible diagnoses, represented by diagnosis definitions. Also, the diagnoses must be organised in a tree structure. Centralised integration lets the diagnosis systems work as self-standing systems, sending their output to a central diagnosis administrator which carries out a coordination of the suggested diagnoses. In the distributed integral ion concept, diagnosis administrators arc distributed, each covering a certain process section. Thee coordination of diagnoses is distributed correspondingly.

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