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C. Robin
Centre de Thermique de PINSA de Lyon - URA CNRS 1372 Laboratoire Equipement de l'Habitat Bat 307 INSA; and O.C.G.R. Ing%nierie, 129, chemin Moulin Carron, BP 95, F69136 ECULLY C6dex, FRANCE

F. Allard
Centre de Thermique de PINSA de Lyon - URA CNRS 1372 Laboratoire Equipement de l'Habitat Bat 307 INSA, 20 avenue Albert Einstein, F69621 Villeurbanne Cedex, FRANCE

J. Brau
INSA LYON, CETHIL, Bat 307, Av Albert Einstein 69621 Cedex, Villeurbanne, France

R. Velazquez
Departamento de Ingenieria Energetica y Fluidomecanica, Universidad de Sevilla, Avda Reina Mercedes S/N, 41012 Sevilla, SPAIN


SETIS is a computer support for thermal design of buildings. Since the initial stages of the design process, it deals both with the envelope of building and with its HVAC system. This project is managed by OCGR, a french civil engineering office, and Laboratoire Equipement de l'Habitat de 1TNSA de LYON. This collaboration is very important because SETIS is defined as a tool which integrates both algorithmic programs and knowledge based parts. They both work on the same database where a thermal description of the building to design is stored. The second aspect of SETIS is its decision-making ability : a Supervisor can suggest to the designer modifications or actions in order to keep the description of his project consistent.

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