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H. D. Kiehlmann
Siemens AG, Bereich Energieerzeugung KWU, Hammerbacherstrase 12+14, D-8520 Erlangen, Germany

J. Lorek
Siemens AG, Bereich Energieerzeugung KWU, Hammerbacherstrase 12+14, D-8520 Erlangen, Germany

J. Schulze
Siemens AG, Bereich Energieerzeugung KWU, Hammerbacherstrase 12+14, D-8520 Erlangen, Germany


In Siemens/KWU boiling water reactors the positioning of control rods for short-term reactivity changes is control led by predefined programmed control rod sequences. The sequence of control rod position changes depends and is based on the physical conditions of the core, e.g. core cycle state and fuel characteristics. The sequence is created by experts - partly intuitively. For this task an expert system (XPS) STEUFF is being developed. STEUFF is written in PROLOG, PC-based, has a complete mouse event driven graphical user surface and widely uses object oriented and knowledge based concepts. The first part, the creation of the order of the groups to be moved, is completed, a second part will create the sequence of the individual steps.
The main benefits of STEUFF are the formalization, the visualization and the objectivation of the complex technical correlations related to control rod sequences. With STEUFF the expert knowledge in this field is being conserved and prepared to be transferred to other engineers. In using the XPS the expert effort to create control rod sequences is reduced considerably.

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