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A. Delja
SIEMENS AG, UB KWU, P.O.Box 3220, D-8520 Erlangen, Germany


Today's large energy systems need complex and efficient analysis tools during the project, development and the later phases of operation. Ultimately, safety, availability and high reliability arc always the most important requirements. Modern computer systems allow application of detailed mathematical models for the simulation of real system response. Mathematical models and methods for thermal-hydraulic analysis must satisfy high accuracy demands and reasonable computation lime criteria. This paper proposes a solution strategy for simulation of typical engineering problems dealing with transient and accident analysis of nuclear power plants under consideration of small breaks with phase separation effects. It presents the work on upgrading the Siemens KWU best-estimate transient code NLOOP with a thermal-hydraulic model which can achieve wider application of the code and which can be applied as a basis for simulators.

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