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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2009.CONV.520
page 10

Jean-Christophe Tisserand
Laboratoire de Physique - ENS Lyon, 69007 Lyon, France

Mathieu Creyssels
Laboratoire de Physique - ENS Lyon, 69007 Lyon, France

Mathieu Gibert
Max Planck Institut, 37073 Gцttingen, Germany

Bernard Castaing
Laboratoire de Physique - ENS Lyon, 69007 Lyon, France

Francesca Chilla
Laboratoire de Physique - ENS Lyon, Universite de Lyon


We study heat convection in a channel between two chambers, the hot one being lower than the cold one. The channel can be vertical or tilted. We perform both thermal and velocity measurements, through a Particle Image Velocimetry technique. Preliminary measurements show the influence of the tilt on the velocity and temperature transverse profiles. We discuss them in terms of turbulent diffusivities approximations.

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