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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
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ISSN Imprimir: 0040-2508
ISSN En Línea: 1943-6009

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Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Comprar Publicación $394.00 Volumen 59, 2003 Edición 1&2

DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12

Tabla de Contenidos:

Structural Model of Antennas with Nonlinear Elements
A. I. Luchaninov, A.S. Posokhov
17 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.20
Convolution-Type Equation of Inverse Refraction Problem
G. A. Alexeev, M. V. Belobrova
5 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.30
Radar Clutters from Inhomogeneities of the Ground Level Environment. Experimental Performances and Statistical Model
V. V. Zhirnov, O.G. Lebedev, L. Z. Sakhnovskaya
6 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.60
Detection Coverage of Air Target in Bistatic Radar System with Television Illumination
A.P. Kondratenko, S.V. Shapovalov
4 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.70
Microwave Amplification Based on the Smith-Purcell Effect in a Distributed Semiconductor Structure
E. M. Khutoryan, Aleksei Ivanovich Tsvyk
10 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.80
Operation of Gunn Diode Containing Two InP0.7As0.3−In0.4Ga0.6As Active Regions
Yu. V. Arkusha, E. D. Prokhorov, I. P. Storozhenko
11 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.90
Modelling the Gunn Diodes Based on Variband Semiconductors
I. P. Storozhenko
11 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.100
Synthesis of Basic Components of a Low-Noise Input Circuit for Millimeter Wavelengths
O. I. Bilous, Anatoly Ivanovich Fisun, O. N. Sukhoruchko
9 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.110
Vacuum State Investigation of Cross-Field Devices by Discharge Current Techniques
V.M. Zinkivsky, O. M. Nikitenko
12 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.120
Minimization of the Quadratic Integral Estimate of the Transient Process Quality in the Dual-Connected Automatic Phase Control System
O.G. Varfolomeeva, N.V. Katasova, A.A. Sinyavin
7 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.130
Iterative Phase Look Systems Having a Scaling Adjusting Loop
D.V. Ohruchak
5 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.140
Application of Fractal Compression Methods for Image Filtering
I. V. Barishev, M. L. Uss
8 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.150
Digital System of Asynchronous Pulse Noise Cancellation
V.A. Chasovsky, M.P. Chernoborodov
9 pages
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v59.i12.160