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Non-premixed syngas MILD combustion: the trapped-vortex approach

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2012.ProcSevIntSympTurbHeatTransfPal.850
pages 787-796

A. Di Nardo
ENEA. Italian National Agency for the New Technologies, Energy and Environment - Via Anguillarese 301 - 00123 Rome, Italy

G. Calchetti
ENEA-Italian National Agency for New Technologies Energy and Economic Development, Via Anguillarese 301, 00123 Rome, Italy

C. Mongiello
ENEA-Italian National Agency for New Technologies Energy and Economic Development, Via Anguillarese 301, 00123 Rome, Italy


The introduction of MILD technology in gas turbines is of great interest because it is potentially able to answer two main requirements: 1. A very low level of emissions. 2. An intrinsic thermo acoustic stability (humming). Aim of the work was to design a combustion chamber completely based on the trapped vortex principle, investigating the possibility to establish a MILD combustion regime, in case of syngas as fuel. The trapped vortex technology offers several advantages as gas turbines burner and in the systems experimented so far this technology was mainly limited to the pilot part of the whole burner.

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