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2.1 Direct Contact Condensation of Steam on a High Speed Spray Jet of Subcooled Water

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1982.AdvCourHeatTransfNucReactSaf.130
pages 289-300

K. Ohba
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kansai University, Suita, Osaka, Japan

H. Kitada
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kobe, Japan

Akira Nishiguchi
Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., 502, Kandatsu-machi, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki-ken, 300, Japan


A theory which analyzes a phenomenon of direct contact condensation of steam on a high speed spray jet of subcooled water has been developed and its validity has been tested by experiments. Main distinctive features of the present theoretical model are as follows: A circulating flow is assumed inside a droplet. The individual droplet composing the spray jet is assumed to move independently without mutual interference among other droplets. The water jet temperature is obtained as a weighted mean by integrating the product of the individual droplet temperature and a probability density function of the droplet size over the range from the minimum to maximum diameters. Experimental values of the jet temperature change along the distance from a water nozzle agree well with the analytical values corresponding to the case of a strong internal circulation assumed.

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